Dog Abandoned In Parking Lot, Waits In Vain For The Return Of Her Family

Dog Abandoned In Parking Lot, Waits In Vain For The Return Of Her Family

Dogs are loyal creatures who also happen to be our best buddies. Even after we leave them, they still have faith in us and want to remain close to us as family.
Samantha, a lovely white dog, was found abandoned in a Sam’s Club parking lot in Memphis, Tennessee. The unfortunate puppy kept peeing in cars and screaming for 9 days until being rescued by Mary Murphy of Arrow Dog Rescue.

Samantha’s rescue was not an easy task; she was initially wary and distrustful of others, and she disliked being touched.
The poor dog badly wanted her owner to return and send her home, so Mary brought her pet dog along and patiently awaited Samantha’s return.

After three days of waiting, Mary’s dog acquired Samantha’s trust, which gave Mary the courage to approach the abandoned dog.

After Mary brought the abandoned dog to the shelter and the volunteers shared her tale on social media, a large number of individuals expressed interest in adopting the sweet white dog.

Samantha was placed in an ideal home by the volunteers, but the poor puppy was still traumatized from her prior abandonment, so the new family patiently waited for her to leave her past behind and come out of her shell.

Samantha is now free of all fears and uncertainties thanks to the love she received from her new family.

This is one of the sweetest rescues I’ve ever seen, and never forget that love can heal anything.

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