A Pit Bull who had been rescued from dogfighting makes friends with a rabbit.

Pit Bull Rescued from Dog Fighting Finds Friendship With Rabbit

When you think of snuggling friends, a Pit Bull and an adult Flemish giant rabbit aren’t the first animals that come to mind. That’s exactly what happened at Mindy Hayes’ house.

“My pitbull is amazing, and this proves that the breed is not to blame.” Grace was originally used for fighting, then ended up chained to a tree (for how long we don’t know), then to The Anna Shelter, and finally to me. She was only ten months old at the time. Hayes writes on Facebook, “Now she is a fun, loving, crazy wild girl.”

Grace, on the other hand, wasn’t so frantic or wild that Hayes worried she’d endanger Sophie, the bunny she’d brought home previous year. She did, however, proceed with caution.
Grace and Sophie were introduced gingerly at first, but it quickly became clear to Hayes that the two had an instant bond. “They just flourished from there,” she told the Dodo after they sniffed each other.

Every day, the two of them cuddle on the couch. Grace gives Sophie a grooming now and then, which the bunny doesn’t seem to mind.

“If I allowed Grace, she’d groom Sophie until she’s drenched!” Hayes says.

The dog and rabbit enjoy spending time together, and Hayes’ friends and acquaintances marvel at their wonderful bond. Grace and Sophie, on the other hand, are both happy, gregarious, and affectionate to everyone, according to Hayes. “The bond these two share is unshakeable,” she writes.

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