Cat hops onto horse best friend and goes for an adorable ride.

A cat and a horse have formed an unusual but very sweet friendship. Their owner, Jennifer Boyle, shared their story on the internet, and it’s adorable to see these two having a great time together.


Jennifer Boyle is the proud pet parent of Morris the cat and Champy the horse. She has worked in equine rescue in Australia for years, yet in all that time, she has never seen a relationship like the one that developed effortlessly between these very different animals.

“I found Morris at a rescue shelter, and when I brought him home, Champy insisted on becoming his best buddy,” Jennifer explained. “Morris jumped up on his back and he happily took him for rides around the paddock. Now it’s become their morning ritual.”

Here’s Morris jumping on at the Champy bus stop

Morris loves to watch the sunrise from his favorite spot

They have several different bus stops, where Morris waits for Champy

There’s always time for extra snuggles and kisses throughout the day

Here we see Champy wanting to sleep a little bit more, but Morris is not having it

The world just can’t get enough of their matching outfits


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