Beautiful Moment ! A man and his dog are having the most romantic date ever

Gemma Colón recently stopped by a restaurant in New York City for a meal. The visit, however, ended up satisfying more than just her appetite.

Colón told The Dodo, “I was welcomed with one of the most startlingly uplifting images.” If you ask me, the dog who was seated across from his owner at the table was acting like a gentelman.

The dog and his owner appeared to be in a romantic relationship at the time.

Colón was fortunate enough to sit next to the lovely couple and benefit from their luck.

The man enjoyed crossword puzzles and red wine with his dinner. While the dog (his date) was happily sipping on his own cup of water, Colón made the remark. “The dog had an amazing demeanor. This dog, in my opinion, behaves more politely at the dinner table than some people.”

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