Brave Mare Is So Proud Of Her Stunning Fillies.

One of the most beautiful days for every person in the world is when they become parents.

There are a lot of amazing parents in the world who give their children all the love and attention that they need which is the most important value to teach. What is even more beautiful than the birth of a single baby is the birth of twin babies, which is unusual in humans, leave alone horses. Twin pregnancies in horses are very rare and they are usually not recommended by the vets for a lot of reasons, with the most important being the very low success rate which puts the mare in danger as

Let’s get into the story to further understand it.
Farmers Roy and Lorraine Frank are still marveling at the latest additions to their homestead, after one of their mares, Sonitas Peponita, gave birth to healthy twin foals, a colt, and a filly. This miraculous birth has a one in 10,000 chance of occurring.

The Franks’ did not even know that Sonitas
Peponita was pregnant with twins and were very surprised when they woke up one morning to see them on their farm in Spruce Grove. The twins were born about a month ago. “I couldn’t believe it,” Roy Frank told the Spruce Grove Examiner. “I thought, ‘Oh my gosh a bunch of extra work’ because the mother a lot of times won’t accept both and will just stick with one. But she took them, and she just loves them both.”

This is such an amazing moment, simply for the fact that a miracle happened and this pregnancy was successful but also because these mare accepted them both and is giving them an equal amount of love. It is also mentioning that these young foals have such a beautiful connection between them as well.



Due to the rarity of equine twins, Ray Frank said he was very surprised when he woke up one morning to see them with a mare on his farm.

“I looked right away to see if there were bad legs or something and they were all nice and straight so I figured well I guess I got lucky.

“It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it.”

Frank said that the mare, 10-year-old Sonaitas Peponita, had four previous births and they did not expect her to have twins this time.


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