Born Blind On Dairy Farm, Senior Cow Makes Cow Friends For First Time.

If we had it our way, every animal used in farming would be treated with the kind of care a living, breathing being deserves. Whether an animal is meant for work, milk, eggs, or even meat, their lives should be comfortable and humane, at the very least.

Helen, a 19-year-old blind dairy cow, has a new lease on life after Uncle Neil’s Home rescued her. She was born on a dairy farm and well looked after but when it came time for her to retire, the farmer didn’t want to slaughter her. That’s when Uncle Neil’s Home learned about her and took her in.

Helen had lived her life in a stall and hadn’t had any cow friends. But her new family have done everything to make her comfortable in her new home. They talk to her gently and have made her a special stall that is easy to navigate. There’s a sprinkler in her water trough so she knows where it is and wind chimes at the entrance of her stall so she can find her way back to it. She also loves brushing against a brush they put on her stall.

Helen has now met a few cow friends and loves listening to the Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. She’s also taken to hugging her family and giving people smooches. “She’s been a resident here with us for five months and it’s been the best five months of our lives,” says Uncle Neil’s Home.


This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

When it comes to pets, dogs and cats get a lot of attention but there are some magical moments between other animals, too. Like this cow for example, who has been a beautiful gift to those who know her.

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