Baby animals are incredibly sweet, but some are cuter than others. Baby bear cubs are often at the top of the “cute” ranking, but after seeing the video below, they’ll have a permanent spot as one of the world’s cutest animals.

While we usually don’t imagine bear cubs making much noise, they seemingly have a sound they make when they’re completely happy and content. It wouldn’t be a common noise to hear since bear cubs are wild animals and shouldn’t be approached under normal circumstances.

Contrary to common belief, bears enjoy fruits, particularly apples and wild fruits. So when the sanctuary chose to lavish its small inhabitants with an abundance of delicious apples, they made the decision to capture the moment on camera and got the most amazing surprise. As they eat their delectable meal, these rescued bear cubs make the cutest noises. Black bears don’t typically make noise, so the keepers were also astonished by them.

The touching interaction was caught on camera at the Kilham Bear Center by writer, producer, and wildlife lover John Fusco, who subsequently shared it on Twitter. He posed the question, “Have you ever heard bear cubs emit their’sound of contentment’?” in the caption of the now-viral film.

They’re unquestionably in a healthy sanctuary, a conservation specialist who talked to the Los Angeles Times about the footage said. It makes reasonable that they would be gurgling and informing us how good they are feeling.

These beautiful little scavengers certainly have no chance against the apple pile!


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.



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