Baby Foal Cover Its Owner With A Lot Of Sweet Kisses.

Most puppies love to cuddle with people as much as they can. But they’re not the only animals that are playful and cuddly! Many baby animals want love just as badly as puppies do, and that includes baby horses.

For most of us here, horses have had a decisive impact on their lives not only in the time they spent together, but also in all the happy and sad moments that made such relationships stronger than ever.

Imagine spending a long time away from your horse. I think it’s really difficult at this point. Especially if your horse is constantly asking you to stay with you and show you all his love so that he can be given all the attention he demands.

This beautiful foal is one of those horses. In a heartwarming video, a Florida woman is playing by scratching the foal’s neck with her knees. The little horse decided it was time to feel all the love and hug! The foal gently pushes Bayne over before resting comfortably on top of her.. Bain can hardly suppress her laughter. Then they rolled and played like children.

Watch the Adorable Interaction Here:


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