At Elephant Sanctuary, stray disabled dogs can run once more.

Stray Disabled Dogs Get A Chance To Run Again At Elephant Sanctuary

Many rescued elephants live in Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park. The elephants have come from many walks of life and have experienced a variety of challenges. Many people are unaware, however, that the elephant sanctuary also houses almost 400 rescued dogs, including 32 unique ones. Accidents, disease, negligence, and cruelty have taken their toll on the 32 pets.

If the Save Elephant Foundation’s rescuers hadn’t discovered them, these dogs would have died (which funds and runs the sanctuary). They would either have gone unnoticed and suffered on the streets, or they would have been put to sleep at the vet.

Save Elephant Foundation

Instead, they have a life where they are loved and well-cared for by the volunteers and the sanctuary.

Save Elephant Foundation

It’s hard labor, but good work, as one of the volunteers explains in the YouTube video below.

Every day, the volunteers ensure that the dogs are taken for a walk.

Save Elephant Foundation

When the handicapped dogs put their wheelchairs on, they appear to be regular canines.

They want to go go go as soon as they put them on.

Many other volunteers come to see the pets as well. “They are cheerful canines who enjoy being around people,” says the volunteer.

These canines get the ability to live, run, and play because of the dedication of volunteers and the funds they receive. In the video below, you can see their touching everyday routine.

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