A beach getaway will not be complete without making sandcastles. And while this is an activity that kids will likely enjoy, it doesn’t mean adults don’t enjoy making works of art using sand, too!

Meet Andoni Bastarrika, an artist that has taken sand art to the next level. His sand sculptures are so life-like you’d mistake them for the real thing from afar! He usually creates realistic animals using sand and we can’t get enough of the fact that they are so well-made!

His art primarily depicts natural animals like horses, bulls, and sharks. Anyone who views Andoni’s artwork, especially from a distance, will think it is genuine since it seems so lifelike!


The artist initially experimented with sand painting in the summer of 2010 when visiting the beach with his two children. The Little Mermaid sculpture he made for them made him aware of a special gift he possessed: the “liquidity” of his hands.


He spoke to the uninteresting panda and said, “They know what they’re doing. For the past 10 years, I have diligently worked to develop this sort of ability.
Clearly, he performed a great job and greatly enhanced this talent through amazing sand sculpture. He provided an explanation for his ten-year usage of sand in a Facebook post.


No matter how you look at it, the sand will always teach you something as long as you are eager to learn, which is why it interests me. Huge quantities of extraordinary sand particles will join together to form sculptures in a damp atmosphere. To imitate their combination for someone else. In other words, the wind will finally dry them up and liberate each particle, gradually eliminating all personality and authenticity when the artist steps back and leaves his creation to the mercy of nature.


Although he has many reasons to support sand as a medium, Andoni believes that one of the most important is behavior.


Then, until their deaths, they were ushered into this world by acts. At least in my opinion, this form of nudity symbolizes freedom, which is a necessary condition for life. For their survival, humans “dress” in a number of ways. I’ve never done that, and I won’t build creatures out of chains or necklaces either. Embracing their independence, power, and knowledge via beauty is preferable to doing so through suffering. He kept talking.

His artistic approach starts with a buildup of wet sand that is sculpted before he tries to create expressions that will give it life. Once he has mastered it, he will employ pointed sticks and feathers to reinforce its expressiveness. He occasionally included other elements into his work, such as glass pieces, ash, colored stone powder, clay powder, coal powder, and clay powder, to add realism.

Find more of Bastarikka’s artworks by visiting his Instagram account.



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