After saving her from euthanasia, a shelter dog smothers her new father with kisses.

Shelter Pup Smothers New Dad With Kisses After He Saved Her From Euthanasia | I Love My Dog So Much

He was devastated and lonely after his nearly ten-year-old dog passed away.

Since his sister’s death, his other elder dog has become unhappy as well. He reasoned that buying a younger puppy would keep him and his current dog occupied.

That’s when he chose to adopt Peanut, a puppy who had been on the verge of being euthanized after spending 12 days in a shelter.

She was quite shy and terrified of everything when she initially arrived at their house. Peanut, on the other hand, was quickly settling into her new home and feeling much more at ease.

This man has a wonderful heart and soul. I’m glad someone came to her aid. Pup is kissing her owner to express gratitude for saving her.

Peanut’s love for her father is evident in the video below. She’s smothering him with kisses while sitting on his lap. He saved her from euthanasia and gave her a second chance at life, and she is eternally thankful!

No dog should be put down unless it is a significant danger and cannot be rehabilitated; there are organizations that work with these dogs, so NO dog should be put down because it is homeless.

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