After receiving a snack, a pit bull rescued from a fighting ring “loses his mind.”

A sport that is horrible on so many levels is dog fighting. We’re going to introduce you to a dog that was saved from it today. Meet Mighty Finn, often known as Finn the Pit Bull.

Usually, pit bulls that have been trained to fight are regarded as dangerous. Finn, however, was anything but that. He was so desperate for affection and good food that when he finally received either after being saved, he lost his mind and couldn’t believe it!

Finn was raised in appalling circumstances and received few, if any, treats. He thus unexpectedly discovered one of life’s greatest pleasures when his new humans gave him a piece of pizza dough!

He went crazy! He began skating around the floor while bashing his side of the body on the walls as he ran from one corner of the room to the other. He was obviously ecstatic! Pizza zoomies had entered.

This adorable Pit Bull serves as a reminder that sometimes the little things in life may bring us the most joy.

He is now in a safe, happy, and comfortable home, and loves pizza crusts ❤️

Check out Finn in the video below!

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