What do you get if you take three orphaned lambs and one friendly mare? A new and unusual arrangement, in one Somerset family’s case.

Becky Popham’s Welsh section A mare Heidi has taken the trio under her wing and is even feeding them, despite the fact she last had a foal five years ago.

Credit: Becky Popham

Becky Popham took on the lambs from a local farmer as they needed a home when their mothers died. Becky’s late father was a sheep dealer and she says she was pleased to help.

But, after putting them in the stable with mare Heidi to keep them secure she says she had no idea the pony would warm to the new arrivals like she has.

Soon the youngsters and the horse could not be separated and Heidi had become their foster mum.

She bends down, licks them, loves them really. It’s quite a unique relationship.

Credit: Becky Popham

Becky still has to bottle-feed the lambs three times a day, as Heidi’s milk is really only a comfort for them. The mother of three doesn’t think it’s weird that they feed from a pony. She says “It’s the animal kingdom at its finest”.


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