A Dog Was Found Alive in a Sudbury Storm Drain After Three Days

Last April 30, a 10-year-old sprocker spaniel named Ebb vanished behind barriers near Suffolk Sudbury. Despite searching and calling the dog every day, there was no evidence of sight or sound of the much-loved pet.

Last May 3, the family was overjoyed when he was discovered and saved by Michael Cromwell while draining up to her chest in the water.

Mr. Cromwell explained, “My father-in-law had taken his dog [Ebb] out for an early stroll and she ran off, perhaps chasing something.” “At first, we weren’t too concerned because she knows the area well and it’s always been pretty safe.”

“However, when she did not answer their calls and did not return many hours later, the family got increasingly anxious.”

Posts were made on various local social media platforms, and numerous neighbors who knew Ebb well rallied and joined the hunt – but the dog was nowhere to be seen.

“On this time, my father-in-law had almost given up hope, and by Tuesday, I felt the same way,” Mr. Cromwell recalled. “We were about to do a final search of the field’s perimeter when my wife started shouting that she had found Ebb.”

Mr. Cromwell said Ebb was in the bottom of a five-foot-deep pool of stagnant water that was draining up to her chest.

Mr. Cromwell explained, “She must have been sat upright the whole time because she couldn’t lie down or she would have drowned.”

Mr. Cromwell was successful in pulling the wobbly pet from the water. “She couldn’t stand at all,” he said, “so we took her to the vet.”

After an overnight stay, the veterinarian determined that Ebb was simply sleepy and exhausted, and she was allowed to return home.

Mr. Cromwell claimed she was back to her normal self within a few days, having eaten a lot and slept well. He was concerned about Ebb’s lack of response to everyone screaming out her name while they searched for her.

Mr. Cromwell continued, “She never barks very much, and I believe it just didn’t compute that she should do that to catch our attention.” “She probably heard us and thought, ‘Oh wonderful, they’re coming,’ but we didn’t find her for days.”

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