A big hug from a sweet cat soothes a howling Chihuahua

Sweet Cat Comforts A Howling Chihuahua By Giving Him A Big Hug – Dog Dispatch

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that sometimes all you need is a hug. This appears to be true for dogs as well, as this wailing Chihuahua is instantly soothed when his feline pal gives him a big hug.

A small tan Chihuahua sits on the bed near the beginning of the video. The cute chi starts to howl. For such a small dog, it’s actually quite loud. The dog repeatedly throws his head back and screams and howls and howls, much like his wolf forefathers.

Is the dog agitated? Is it possible that he hears a siren off in the distance? Or perhaps he’s lonely and just wants to be noticed? Whatever the reason, the dog’s shrill screams are drowned out by what follows.

A gray and white kitten jumps onto the bed in the middle of a howl and wraps its furry tiny arms around the Chihuahua’s neck. The cat hugs the chi in the cutest way possible. The dog is instantly silent, which is the sweetest part.

The endearing scene was captured on tape. The dog and cat turn their gorgeous faces precisely toward the camera at at the right moment to capture their adorable smiles, which is perfectly timed.

“What are you staring at?” their exquisite expressions seem to question. “Everything is fine now.” The two friends’ wonderful friendship is priceless, and it only goes to show how vital hugs are.

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