8 Clear Signs a Horse Likes & Trusts You.

Horses are social animals and generally enjoy being in the presence of others. They often form close bonds with their owners.

Your horse will frequently express affection for you after spending time with you. How a horse feels towards you can be determined in a variety of ways.

Here are eight indicators that a horse likes and trusts you.

1- They Come Up to Greet You

If a horse likes you, they will often come up to greet you when they hear you coming. They may run up to the pasture fence or be eagerly waiting for you at their stall door.

If a horse is eager to greet you, that is their way of showing they like you. When they come up to greet you they are excited to spend time with you.

2- They Nicker or Whinny For You

Horses frequently nicker and whine when they see someone they know. When they want to attract the attention of other horses or people, they frequently vocalize with a whinny or nicker.

Your horse is excited to see you if it nickers as you approach. They can greet you as someone they care about by nickering.

3- They Nudge You

Though nudging can mean other things, it is often associated with a horse that is showing affection towards you. Nudging can be the equivalent of a horse giving you a hug or kiss.

If a horse likes you, they will often nudge you to seek out your attention. Gently nudges can be a way for a horse to show their love for you. They mean even lick or lip at you in addition to their nudge.

4- They Rest Their Head on You

A horse’s head resting on yours is a symbol of trust. They feel at ease and trust you enough to lay their heads on you.

A horse will bond with you and express its love by resting its head on your shoulder. They’re telling you that they like being around you. It resembles their version of an embrace.

5- They Groom You Back

One of the best ways to develop a bond with your horse is via grooming. Your horse will treat you as a buddy if they groom you back.

In the wild, horses groom one another not only because it feels nice to them but also because it is a method for them to express their love for one another. They’ll gnaw on each other’s necks, backs, and withers.

Your horse is trying to groom you if they chew on your head or shoulder. They can express their liking for you in this way.

6- They Are Relaxed Around You

When a horse is relaxed around you, it is a sign that they like and trust you. When you see your horse is relaxed when with you, it is a way of them saying they feel safe with you.

Signs your horse is relaxed around you is that they will be doing things such as licking and chewing, lowering their head, letting out a sigh, and cocking a back leg.

A horse that trusts you will be comfortable enough to relax around you.

When a horse lets you come up to them while they are lying down, that is a true sign of trust. Horses are vulnerable when they are lying down, so when they let you come up to them while they are lying down they have lots of trust and love for you.

7- They Breathe on Your Face

A horse approaching you and breathing on your face is an indication of respect and trust. Horses will gently blow air on one other via their noses to express their affection.

A horse will blow on your face as an indication that they see you as a dependable friend. If they consider you a member of their family, horses will breathe in your face.

It is a popular way for horses to express their love for the people they care about.

8- They Show You Respect

In horses, respect is a sign of trust. If your horse likes and trusts you, they will respect you.

A horse that trusts you will see you as a leader. They will respect your space and commands. A horse that likes you is willing to follow your lead, which is also a sign of respect.

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