When told to enter the kennel, the husky keeps yelling “no” to its owner.

Our dogs occasionally exhibit too much intelligence and tenacity for their own benefit. Additionally, they can talk back when it comes to the Husky, one of the chatty breeds. Where and how did they receive their training? But you gotta adore ’em!

Brian the Siberian Husky is instructed by his father to “go in his abode,” which is the kennel. The dog simply sits on the couch waggling his tail before launching a barrage of “no”s!

The Husky’s tiny whines perfectly resemble him saying “no.” Perhaps the obstinate dog genuinely learned this from his owner and understands what it implies. It may be difficult to tell, but it appears like the dog understands the word “no” very well.

While I’m sure Brian occasionally appreciates his kennel for sleeping, resting, and other purposes, right now all he wants to do is lounge on the couch. And don’t you think he’s quite clear about who he is?

Can your dog “say” any words? Do you think they actually know them? Let’s hear some opinions in the comments!

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