Two-legged dog was kicked out of the house by her merciless owner because of shaming her disability

The journey of the little puppy to conquer fate was immortalized in the book “With a Little Faith” and became a symbol of exceptional perseverance.

His owner abandoned him because he was born with only two legs.
A little puppy with a congenital defect was born on Christmas Eve 2002 in the United States. The dog has just three legs, one of which is shrunken and entirely useless.

Perhaps this is what causes the mother dog to abandon her and not give her milk. The owner looked at the condition of the puppy born with a deformity with only two hind legs and felt bad, and saw that its health was not good, so he thought it could not be saved, so he threw it out on the street.

It was a blessing for Jude Stringfellow and her mother to see and care for the little dog. The small puppy got conscious after that, although he was still quite feeble. Everyone feared the poor dog would perish.

As a result, numerous individuals that Jude Stringfellow inject the unfortunate little puppy with euthanasia.

Jude’s family, on the other hand, agreed to adopt and care for her. Mrs. Jude also named the little puppy Faith, which means Faith in English. She wishes for the little dog to maintain her faith and perform miracles.

Faith’s journey is two-fold.
Faith struggled with a skateboard that Mrs. Jude had built for her in the beginning. Faith had to move for a long time by leaning on her skateboard and pushing ahead with her back legs.

Mrs. Jude, on the other hand, used jumping exercises to teach Faith to stand erect. Faith’s hind legs are strengthened, making it simpler for her to balance when standing upright.

After six months of hard work, Faith was finally able to stand on her back legs. The park is her favorite location to visit. She enjoys playing with the folks in this place.

Faith instantly becomes the center of attention due to her ability to walk on two legs. After hearing Faith’s story, everyone was moved to tears and exclaimed that the little puppy had such incredible enthusiasm. As a result, everyone adored and admired Faith.

The power of the little dog to cure the soul
Faith swiftly rose to fame after being born with a birth defect and then being able to walk on her own. She appeared on numerous television shows.

Furthermore, other newspapers have reported on this unique dog. Faith has even written her own book, “With a Little Faith.”

Faith went on to work as a “healing psychologist” after the war, helping wounded troops cope with their mental trauma. At the same time, she is the one who gives extremely ill patients in the hospital life motivation and the desire to combat disease.

Faith worked as a psychiatrist for a number of patients. Internet photo
Miss Jude Stringfellow eventually chose to leave her teaching position and travel the world with Faith. “Even if you don’t have a great body, remember that you can still have a perfect soul,” I want to say to everyone.

Hopefully, the story of this wonderful little dog will inspire us to have more faith, exert more effort, and never surrender to fate.
This is comparable to the proverb “when God closes one door, He opens a new one for us.”
You can achieve in anything if you continue through that difficult phase.

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