The Maned Wolf is neither a wolf, a fox, a coyote, nor a dog, yet it is fascinating nonetheless.

The Maned Wolf Is Not A Wolf, Fox, Coyote Or Dog, But It Is Fascinating

Maned wolves are not wolves, foxes, coyotes, or dogs. It is the sole canid of its sort on the world, and it is not closely related to any other canid on the earth. They are the only species of the genus Chrysocyon (“golden dog”), which has been extinct for many years.

The tallest wild canid is the maned wolf (Chrysocyon brachyurus). Its long legs are most likely an adaption to the tall grasses of their native environment, which is found in south, central, and southeast Brazil, Paraguay, and northern Argentina.

The maned wolf’s diet is predominantly omnivorous, unlike that of other canids. Vegetable materials, such as sugarcane, tubers, and wolf apples, make up more than half of their diet. Their symbiotic association with dispersing and propagating plants is aided by their vegetable diet. Another odd fact is that their pee has a marijuana-like odor!

In the video below, learn more about this intriguing canid!

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