Teaching A Pair Of Horses And A Shetland To Drive A Carriage Proves It’s Worth It.

It’s amazing how much a horse can pull, but even more amazing when a Shetlander pulls it. However, when looking for Shetland horses, it turns out that they are really strong, determined and bred for work.

Source: barryhook2/YouTube

In this video, the Shetland is pulling a wagon of two people, and the little horse seems to react surprisingly to orders. Actually, this is an amazing video. Horses are very well trained and it is a pleasure to see happy animals do what they are told.

Source: barryhook2/YouTube

The trot sound takes you to another reality and completely separates you from your daily activities. There’s also a fun part in the video that shows the difference between a Shetland and a horse and everyone is hooked on a pony. Adorable little rideable pony. I believe he is one of those who simply penetrates everyone’s heart.


The lovely small equines are popular in many countries and especially beloved by children and young adults who enjoy riding them.

Their small size, incredible strength, and generous coat and mane have fascinated horse lovers for centuries. Today, they continue to be a favorite for children and adults all around the world.

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