Swans are not particularly affectionate or approachable animals. They’re territorial and can be quite intimidating. Which is why the moment when an injured swan hugged Richard Wiese, the host of the television show “Born to Explore” is so touching.

Richard Wiese, the host of the television program “Born to Explore,” once came across a wounded swan while touring the Abbotsbury Swannery in the United Kingdom. The swan showed not just thankfulness but also trust in one really lovely moment.

In order to help with rehabilitation efforts, Wiese traveled to the swan sanctuary with representatives of other swan rescue organizations. According to ABC News, the swan Wiese had come to save had suffered injuries after colliding with a chain-link fence. In his attempt to make the swan feel at ease enough to be transported, Wiese succeeded beyond his own hopes.

“When I put it next to me I could feel its heart beating and it just relaxed its neck and wrapped it around mine,” Wiese told ABC News. “It’s a wonderful moment when an animal totally trusts you.”

Swans aren’t normally friendly creatures, so this moment is very uncommon. They are aggressive, territorial animals that will protect their territory if a person approaches a nest, for instance. Swans are stunning animals, but Wiese cautioned ABC News that “they can be vicious” near people despite their beauty.

But when Wiese handled this particular swan, it didn’t flee or strike out in fright. However, the swan soon recognized that he was completely secure in Wiese’s arms and was pleased enough to give him an incredible embrace.


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