Pit Bull Saves Her Mom’s Life And Refuses To Leave Her Hospital Bed.

Dogs enhance our quality of life. They show us love and comfort,lift our spirits when we’re down, and make us laugh till we’re in tears. And in Shauna Darcy’s case,  Ruby, her adorable dog, has not only made her life better but also saved it.

Darcy and Ruby were initially brought together because Darcy had trouble with anxiety, depression, and agoraphobia, and hoped a service dog could help her.  Ruby did an incredible job from the start and quickly became a loving companion for Darcy. Little did they know, that Ruby’s love for her new mom would eventually save Darcy’s life .

Ruby noticed something that concerned her while she was still undergoing training to become a service dog.  In an interview with The Dodo, darcy tells the story in the following words, “She started picking up on changes in my heart rate and would act funny – for example, paw at me, try to get my attention,get on top of me, etc.“

Darcy made the decision to seek medical attention after listening to Ruby’s concerns. Shauna was diagnosed with vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome at the medical facility,  a rare and potentially fatal cardiac ailment.

Darcy’s life had already been significantly impacted by Ruby, but she wasn’t quite done.

Ruby’s training shifted to focus on Darcy’s heart issues, and now Ruby helps her mom with retrieving her medications and monitoring her heart rate.

Then, just a few weeks ago, Ruby started alerting Darcy that something was seriously wrong. Darcy, despite feeling fine, decided to trust Ruby and called herself an ambulance.

This decision could very well have saved her life. When she arrived at the hospital, she was barely conscious and in a lot of pain, as her heart had gone into atrial fibrillation, a heart condition where the heart rate becomes abnormally high.

Darcy was being helped by the physicians, but Ruby wouldn’t leave her mother’s side.
Ruby would simply curl up close to Darcy in her hospital bed, even if she was unresponsive. Ruby was aware that Darcy required her love and assistance. Darcy is immensely appreciative of her adorable dog and realizes how fortunate she is to have such a wonderful friend in her life. She is confident that Ruby will stand by her side and protect her at all times.

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