People Saved Dog Kept On Such A Short Chain She Couldn’t Even Rest Her Head And Now She Is Happy

People Saved Dog Kept On Such A Short Chain She Couldn’t Even Rest Her Head And Now She Is Happy

We all want happy endings, but just like any other story, we can’t forget about the sad beginnings, writes justsomething.

Like Cala, a mechanic’s guard-dog in San Jose, Costa Rica, who was chained to such a small length that she couldn’t put her head down or breathe properly. She was in poor health, with open wounds and starvation.

She was rescued and taken to Territorio de Zaguates, an animal refuge, where she gradually recovered. Cala’s life was further complicated when unscrupulous individuals attempted to get into the shelter and feed the dogs poison-laced sausages.

Cala experienced neurological difficulties as a result of the tragedy, which killed 16 dogs. We’re happy to report that, after overcoming numerous obstacles, she has finally found a family who treats her properly, allowing her to regain her confidence in humanity. Cala’s touching story can be seen in the photos below.
Cala has been in this pitiful state for years. She is unable to rest her head or even breathe properly.

Concerned neighbors finally took action and Cala was brought to the dog shelter, Territorio de Zaguates.

It was almost too late for Cala. She was in a very bad condition.

When she was taken in, she was malnourished and covered in wounds that she couldn’t even stand.

The recovery process was long and quite painful for Cala.

Cala had a hard time trusting anyone, including other canines, in addition to her physical limitations.

Despite the difficult and lengthy healing procedure, the rescuers were adamant about helping her.

Soon, Cala was back in shape.

However, even after her recovery, another hurdle came about her life.

Heartless people snuck into the shelter and fed the dogs with poison-infused sausages.

The incident killed 16 dogs, and caused Cala to suffer from neurological problems.

But Cala was a tough dog, she fought for her life until she was able to overcome another hurdle.

Today, Cala is living the best life she could ever have. With a new loving family, she’s ready to trust again.

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