In today’s world, cameras are strategically placed to monitor traffic on major roadways.
However, sometimes, these cameras capture more than just the usual cars and trucks.

The feed from a highway traffic camera all of a sudden became a little more interesting one day when a bird took notice and tried checking in. Instead of just car after car passing along in the background, there was now this parrot up close and personal on the screen! The camera operator was taken aback…

“A parrot decided to appear in a surveillance camera of the BR-116, in Curitiba,” the video caption says as translated. The parrot was later identified as a turquoise-fronted amazon, a vibrant green and yellow bird native to the region in Brazil. The parrot might not know it, but he got his 15 minutes of fame for his curiosity !


They’re truly unique and adorable birds, and this bird is the most unique of them all. It brought so much joy to people all around the world.

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