On a daily commute, a guy came upon six small animals that required assistance. He had no clue what these creatures were, but they were huddled together in the woods all alone. Their skin was very pink, and their mother was nowhere to be found, so the man brought them to a shelter for assistance. Once the 6-pack of cutie patooties arrived at the Sylacauga, Alabama animal shelter, staff got to work on helping these little ones.

The employees at the Sylacauga, Alabama, animal shelter started working with the six-pack as soon as they arrived.

They were so stinky that the shelter employees had to put on masks to bathe them, according to Nicole Zaguroli of Second City Canine Rescue (SCCR),a nonprofit rescue in Illinois. They were underweight, scabies-ridden, and chilly.

The workers believed the animals may be Cocker Spaniel hybrids, but it turns out they were puppies. When SCCR President Jacquie Cobb discovered the puppies on social media, she felt compelled to lend a hand.

The dogs were taken to Auburn Veterinary College, where they received thorough treatment and medical care right away. The question now was which breed should be listed on their internet adoption advertisements. Meanwhile, the pups were temporarily placed with several foster families.

White hairs gradually filled up the previously injured skin. The puppies tested positive for Great Pyrenees dogs in a DNA test!

Thankfully, the puppies developed into healthy, fully grown dogs. The once-tiny puppies’ adoptive families are getting ready for them to weigh over 100 pounds each.

Happy life to all of these beautiful canines.

We’re so happy that these beautiful pups were able to get well and find happiness and forever homes – Happy endings are always the best.

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