Man Dedicates His Life To Adopting Senior Dogs Who Can't Find Forever Home

Steve Greig, an accountant, has a lot of animals to keep him occupied. He has 10 dogs, ducks, chickens, pigeons, cats, a pig, a bunny, and a pond full of Koi fish to look after. Greig’s journey began after he lost his first dog. Steve grew up surrounded by animals because both of his parents were animal lovers. He had a dog who was so devoted to him that when it died, he was still grieving months later.

Greig decided to adopt the least adoptable dog at his local shelter to make himself feel better. Greig went to the shelter to adopt the most adoptable dog they had, as if he was still caring for the deceased puppy. He chose to adopt a new dog instead of mourning the one he had lost. His home eventually had ten pets, including Eeyore, a 12-year-old Chihuahua. He named the puppy Eeyore since he gave it all of his love and attention.

Greig told The Dodo that only eight of his ten dogs are his. Although one belongs to his roommate and the other to his sister, they are still vital members of the pack, as his home is now a “day care” for animals.

Greig’s morning routine includes making breakfast for everyone and administering medication to his dogs. He then goes to work, comes back over lunch to check on his animals, and then returns to work. He not only walks the dogs all the time, but he also jogs every day when he has the opportunity.

Weekends are his time for pet supplies and food buying, as well as vet visits and other errands. Greig is content and appreciates everyone’s company, despite having at least ten pets. Senior dogs, on the other hand, hold a particular place in his heart.

Unfortunately, because most people are seeking for pups, senior dogs have a harder time finding homes in shelters. Senior dogs, on the other hand, are exceedingly easy to care for. They prefer to slumber a lot, get along with other dogs, and have a milder disposition than most other dogs. They are also wiser animals, according to Greig.

Since the most of his pets are silent and cuddled up in napping nooks, it’s difficult to determine if he lives with so many.

Despite the difficulties, Greg intends to keep doing what he’s doing and to adopt a new animal after his current one goes away. He feels tremendously gratified for what he’s doing, and it makes his life worthwhile.

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