Majestic Cremello Stallion Shows His Loyalty To The Owner.

Horses are definitely loyal animals, as loyal as dogs and this beautiful horse in the video below proves it. Richard Kinnon was lucky enough to experience an extraordinary friendship with his wonderful stallion Whitey. His horse follows him everywhere, and he even goes after Richard while he is doing his regular job- driving coach rides for Cobb and Co in Longreach, Outback Queensland. Whitey has a
marvelous behavior, and he is even more adorable because of his unusual appearance. This charming cremello horse has a particular color, inherited from his parents, he has blue eyes and pink skin.

Adventures All Around/YouTube

Whitey really is a special horse. Based on these
characteristics, he is very distinctive to other horses and you can easily determine him. My favorite thing about him is definitely his eyes, who are really special. When I got to see how loyal he was towards his owner, I fell even more in love with him. He is definitely a horse that everyone would dream of having.

Adventures All Around/YouTube




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