Kind Woman Caught On Camera Giving Her Own Scarf To A Shivering Stray Dog.

Winter for many of us is a time where we have to bundle up in extra layers to make sure we don’t freeze when we venture outside. Most of us, fortunately, have a warm and cozy home to return to at the end of the day that keeps us comfortable.

For stray animals, though, it can be a much harder time for them. They usually have to endure the extreme weather and sometimes if they’re lucky someone will offer them some food or shelter for the night.

A kind gesture can go along way. We’re sure that this stray dog who received an unexpected gift would agree.

The poor pup was lying on the street in Zonguldak, Turkey, shivering in the cold, when a woman noticed him lying there.

The woman, Duygu Elma, realized that the dog had to be freezing. While many people would just keep walking, she decided to do something about it.

Without a second thought, Elma removed her own scarf and used it to tuck the poor dog in. The scarf would give him some warmth and comfort on that cold day.

Elma then walked off without her scarf, knowing that the poor pup needed it more than she could ever need it.

What she didn’t know was that the whole interaction had been caught by a security camera.

Now, the heartwarming footage of this selfless act of kindness is making us all believe that perhaps compassion isn’t dead after all.

We can all do our part to spread love and be kind to each other, sometimes it’s as simple as giving up your scarf.

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