We should keep in mind that, training horses is not a fast or easy process no matter what several books, videos, or websites might tell you. However, not everything is shrouded in mystery either, and it is possible to learn alongside your horse, and doing so with a competent trainer or trainer is the wisest path.

While reality shows that there are many different ways to care for, handle and train your horse, there are also some basic things you should never do with your horse. For example, in this video, the incident occurred when the horse was interrupted and the trainer pulled the reins and pushed the horse with a whip. In fact, draft horses are very peaceful, calm, considerate and affectionate.

However, we should never forget that Draft Horses are powerful too. Therefore, it was not necessary to pull the bit. It would have been better to reassure him. The horse was already nervous, so pulling the bit like that only caused more adrenaline rush. Additionally, we all need to know that punishing any unwanted behaviour by pulling, snapping the reins, or guiding the rope will be counterproductive.

Every time a horse raises its head and does something that requires it not to touch the bit or reins, it is not a learning. He reacts to avoid pressure. A whip is a useful tool for feeding horses and, if used correctly, can extend an arm or leg. As you can see from the video, the horse appears to behave like a horse when pushed by its trainer, and the conscript appears to take revenge on the trainer.

Have a look at the video and let us know your thoughts.


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