Baby Elephants Likes To Cuddle Every Tourist Thinking They Are Lap Dogs.

Elephants might be wild animals, but even wild animals love cuddles. That was something one tourist learned when a baby elephant decided that the two of them should become best friends.

In the wild, baby elephants often look to their elders for support. Like human infants, they will bump into their mothers and hold onto them to help them feel secure and safe.

So, when one friendly man sat down on the ground to greet the little one, the baby elephant took the opportunity to get as many cuddles as she possibly could.

The man might have thought he was getting a hug, but the baby elephant had more in store for him. She kissed him on the head and rolled onto his waiting lap.

But the friendly man could not help but smile. “Oh, you really want to cuddle,” he said. The baby elephant could not get enough of him. She played with his hat and bumped into him.

The man seemed more than happy to give the little one all the attention she could ask for. When the compassionate man spooned the baby elephant, the little one was in a state of complete peace.

Many of the elephants at this sanctuary in Thailand were rescued from abusive situations and people who misused them. But it was clear from this unabashed display of affection that these elephants were in good hands.

The whole incident, that took place in a sanctuary in Thailand, was recorded on video. It shows how great elephants can be towards people. We are very lucky that this incident was recorded.


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