Horse Brings A ‘Bouquet’ Of Hay To His Girlfriend – Sweet Way Of Winning Her Heart.

This is the cutest horse video I’ve ever seen. Watch him run to his girlfriend with a bouquet of fresh hay to show his love. The feeling of love isn’t experienced only by humans but also by animals.

This kind of feeling or emotion is shown in the most sincere way by animals as they don’t know what cheating means. They say that sometimes the way to the heart is through the mouth and the horse in the video you are going to watch seems to know that. In this lovely and entertaining clip a horse named T runs across the field with some hay in his mouth. We don’t really know why he does that until the moment he approaches his girlfriend Layla and starts sharing the snack with her.

This is probably a romantic way for horses to
express and show love and it looks like Layla is
pleased with that and she can get some of the
share. This touching and heartwarming moment can teach us, humans, a lot about relationships and love. Love should be given unconditionally, there must be no interest in between.


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